Saturday, October 12, 2013

101 Pieces of Jewelry For Less Than $5.00 on Amazon - Including Shipping! Part #4 of 10

This is the Forth of 10 posts each highlighting 10 pieces of jewelry currently on Amazon that are under $5.00 WITH shipping! What a great way to expand your jewelry collection or get a start on holiday shopping! Go here to read the first, second, or third post in this series! Enjoy.... 

69 - Silver Rhinstone Flower Hairband (Elastic on Bottom for Perfect Fit) $4.36 and FREE SHIPPING!

68 - Artistic Swirl Gold Color Hollowout Elastic Hairband (gold color only) $1.26 and Free Shipping! 

67 - Phoenix Wing Vintage Style Beaded Gemstone Headband $1.36 and FREE SHIPPING! 

66 - Elegant Lace Elastic on Bottom Women's Headband! Wedding style hairpiece $1.79 and FREE SHPPING! 

65 - Hollow Rose Gold Color Hairband with Elastic Bottom for Best Fit $0.01 + $1.99 Shipping = Total $2.00! 

64 - Punk Women Chic Hairband Hair Comb Clip Wrap Cuff Pin Head Band Chains Tassels $1.41 + $2.46 Shipping = $3.87 Total 

63 - Gold Color Lion Earrings (Stud Style Earring) $0.95 + $3.95 Shipping = $4.90 Total 

62 - Bow Stud Earrings with Iced Out Style Gemstones $0.95 + $3.95 Shipping = $4.90 Total 

61 - Gold Color Lion Head Bracelet that Matches the Above Earrings for Just $0.95 Plus $3.95 Shipping = $4.90 Total! 

Check back tomorrow for the next 10 pieces of jewelry on Amazon under $5.00 with shipping! These are great holiday gift ideas, a wonderful chance to expand your own personal jewelry collection, or a great budget saving way to suprise someone special! 

Disclaimer: This post as all the posts on Daily Deal Watch my contain affiliate links. This is how i sponsor my blog and am able to contniue blogging. Thank you for using the links on this blog. 

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