Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is For Social Deal Sites

To find the best deals, sometimes you have to find the best ideas! There are thousands of deal sites out there, some of them are wonderful some are a big bogus! But a very select few are are also social. Meaning you can share deals, ideas, and other finds. You can see what people are buying and if you're a crafter get ideas of what you can make. You can also comment on products and discuss what makes them great or crappy, get live updates from other people buying the same products and see what they thought. 

Here are my top 3 deal sites that are also social: PS you can join these sites for free, get exclusive benefits and awesome ideas! 

Have I mentioned yet this is my favorite deal site online right now? Join here it takes about 2 minutes to type in your e-mail address, name and address. They will give you $10.00 in credit just for joining which you can spend with no minimum purchase (unless that's changed). But then watch the feed! I love seeing everyone's ideas and feedback on items! You can get the app for Android or iPhone, AND if you agree to share your user name while commenting (you don't have to) Fab will award you $5.00 a month! And agree to let your purchases show up in the feed so other's can see them Fab will award you ANOTHER $5.00 per a month. So $10.00 just for joining, and $10.00 a month for being social? YES PLEASE! Save it up and buy a few gifts for yourself or the holidays!  Join Fab Now

Recap of 
1. Join get $10.00 to spend. 
2. Check out the Feed button. Get social and see what people enjoy and don't enjoy each in each sale. 
3. While on the "Feed Tab" look at the upper right hand corner and "turn on" social shopping. It will give you two options. To allow others to see your user name and photo (otherwise it will say anonymous) and to allow others to see what you're purchasing. You can turn on one or both they will each grant you $5.00 per a month. Total of up to $10.00 a month. (see images) 
4. Optional: connect your instagram to share photos and be involved in the social experience. 

This is the Feed Tab See Top.

This is where you turn on social shopping in the Feed tab.
Note: You can save up your credits you don't have to spend them every month. I saved up $30.00 and then spent it all and only paid the $5.95 shipping that was remaining from my total.

2. Totsy
When you sign up for Totsy they will grand you free shipping on your first order (most orders ship for $7.95). They have several events going on at any given time, however they don't have a set number of events or items to be on display. Some of their sales are absolutely unbeatable so I check this site often. Unlike Fab they don't have their social area on their actual site (not yet anyway) they do have a social page on Facebook! You can earn rewards like free credits, free shipping, and entries to win big prizes such as an iPad. Also watch their Facebook page for give-aways, and huge discounts! I often order when they are offering $10.00 off a $30.00 purchase which is great since their items are already on sale! They also have $10.00 off $45.00, $50.00 or $60.00 orders regularly. 

Re-Cap on Totsy:
1. Join Totsy's Sale Site here it only takes a minute and only requires your name zip and e-mail. 
3. Watch for coupons and share ideas on their social network! 

3. Mamapedia and Mama Source 
Mama Source is a daily deal site for mothers, and young families powered by the social networking site Mamapedia. You can sign up for Mamapedia and enjoy the informational articles, the lists of local activities in your area, the wonderful blogs and more. This site is easy to use, and they often have coupons if you look at their homepage. Simply sign up and enjoy it's free and way fun! I find lots of great gift ideas for children, fun crafts, wonderful home decor and much more! No loops, nothing to turn on, no other pages to find, just a fun site. 

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