Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Totsy What To & Not To Buy

I've talked a lot about Totsy in the past 20 days, so what is Totsy? It's a daily deal site specifically for young families. They have events for dad, mom, kids and even the grandparents! Here are your top 5 dos and don'ts of Totsy! To sign up for Totsy click here, it's free and only requires a name, e-mail and postal code.

1. Do Buy Shoes! 
Shoes are often a great deal on this site! I have gotten my girls several pairs of shoes each for around than $8.00 a pair! They are always super cute shoes that I couldn't buy in the stores locally and to order at full price would be upwards of $30.00 per pair! Plus they make returns easy if you have a problem with a size. You often wont be able to exchange because the sale is long gone but they will give you a credit.

2. Do NOT Buy Books
There are so many great sites to buy children's books on. This isn't one of them. Rarely have I seen books for a good deal. Most of the time they are marked down 10% to 20% which you can do simply by having a Barnes & Noble membership. There are great deals but books just aren't one of Totsy's strong points.

3. Do Buy Maternity Clothing
This is a catch 22. Most orders take 2 weeks to arrive. So make sure you buy maternity clothing that will fit you when it arrives! Don't buy what barely fits you now. I know people who have made this mistake and were very sad. Again Totsy will do returns on most things (read the event details) and give you a credit. So you can always return them but by the time you do that... you may have already found some other clothing to wear. I'd suggest buying maternity clothing as soon as you find out you're expecting instead of waiting until you need it.

4. Do NOT Buy Cleaning Supplies
They often have items like cleaning supplies, and organizing events. Their stationary is a good deal if you choose to buy stationary, however, the rest of it rarely is worth it especially once you pay shipping (usually $7.59 per order). There are great local places to buy cleaning supplies cheep. Plus there are deal sites and places like Amazon,, and other's that have such deeply discounted prices on cleaning supplies and free shipping, it's just not worth the time to buy them on Totsy.

5. Do Buy Children's Clothing and Socks!
Clothing is not only a great deal on Totsy but there are the cutest things you juts can't find anywhere else! Make sure you have the cutest baby in town by saving money on clothing and avoiding the local wal-mart! I love getting clothing off Totsy. I go crazy around each holiday and it's so much fun! I purchased the girls each an Easter dress 4 weeks before Easter to make sure they would be here on time. I had a Free Shipping coupon code and got both dresses for just $13.00 total!

Current Totsy Coupon Codes
- Sign up and get free shipping on your first order.
- 'VIPMOM' will take $15.00 off your order of $50.00 or more and can be combine with the free shipping.
- 'FB200K' will give a 10% discount for anyone who "likes' Totsy on Facebook. (does not work with VIPMOM) 

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