Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is For Unique Ideas For Every Party

I started throwing a lot of house parties after we purchased our first home. I realized that most of the ideas for parties are the same thing over and over and over and over... here is a short list of references for great unique ideas! 

How is this a great deal? Well most of these places either have awesome coupons or are DIY places! 

1. Pinterest 
Find tons of unique DIY crafts for parties... and put them together yourself! 

Love this blog! You have to see all the crafts you can do for next to nothing. Modify these ideas to fit any theme. 

3. Beau-Coup 
This site sales decor for parties, weddings and more. I have purchased quite a few things off this site, I've also used it as an idea site for other things I could make at home. 

Hand-made items all for sale. Make a favorites list to share, purchase, and as an idea board. 

This little party store for some reason stays hidden! It's open to the public but the only places that seem to know about it are church groups, schools and businesses. They sale tons of party supplies! 

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