Saturday, February 9, 2013

10 Valentine's Gifts You Can Give For Less Than $10.00

10 Valentine's Gift Ideas for $10.00 or Less

Here are 10 Valentine's Ideas that will cost you less than $10.00 to give! Valentine's doesn't have to be $100 in roses $300 in spa packages $200 in expensive dinner reservations and a $60 bottle of wine... sometimes the simplest things mean the most!

1. Love Quiz App - I haven't seen this done but I decided to do it for my sweet heart this year! I am making a free app on the website here and then sending it (via text message) to his phone while he's at work. He can download it and play the quiz game from his phone! I put in a bunch of questions about me, and our relationship that were just cute and fun! Total cost? FREE

2. Glass Ornament of Love - Okay this was a Pinterest Christmas idea... but I retrofitted it to a Valentine's idea for the 14 days of Valentine's I did last year! Take a heart shape ornament and then write in tiny strips of paper all the things you love about your sweetheart! Roll them into the ornament and hang it on their desk, review mirror or night stand!

3. Picnic Dinner & A Movie - I had a friend do this and thought it was so cute! She set up the front room with a tent like her and her husband were kids again! She used nice sheets, and filled the inside with pillows! She made sure the tent would face their TV and then lit candles on the counters and around the TV to simulate a fireplace. Finally she filled a picnic basket with dinner and wine, and turned on her husband's favorite movie! HOW CUTE IS THAT?

4. Bottle of Wine & Letters - This is a beautiful note someone pinned on Pinterest. However, if you did not do this for your wedding it's not too late! Do it now!!! Go get a $9.00 bottle of wine from the year you were married... and write letters reminding yourselves of why you got married!!! Worried you'll never have a reason to open it? Leave it in your will to your grandchildren... they'll cry when they read them! Plus this whole night will be re-living your wedding night for you!

"I love the original story but I also love the idea of painting new initial and wedding date on box, 
inside put an unread love letter to each other about how and why they fell in love as well as a bottle 
of wine from the year you started dating, then when everything goes wrong and you don't think you 
can keep going, open it. Drink the wine and reach the letters, and remember you're with one 
another for a reason!" 

5. Printable Coupon Book - These coupon books filled with favors such as messages, chores, dates and more are a great idea! You can pick them up at several boutiques and places such as Hallmark for anywhere from $4.95 to $25.00. However, you can save yourself all of that cost, and customize your own for FREE at on several different sites online! Making this cute idea even more romantic and completely free! Check out eh sites below for various templates and designs to find your favorite:

1. Mommy by Day Crafter by Night
2. American Greetings
3. Couponing To Disney
4. Blue Mountain

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