Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Look what I got for Free yesterday... Including FREE SHIPPING!

Look what I got for Free yesterday... Including FREE SHIPPING! 
These DVD organizers list for $19.99 and I just had mine mailed 2-Day Air for free! Here's how...

A few weeks ago I started using Swagbucks. I had tried it once before but wasn't really able to get into it. So I decided to give it a second go. After 3 weeks of using Swagbucks as my search engine instead of Yahoo or Google, I had acumulated enough points to buy 4 gift cards worth $5.00 each to Amazon. 

Last night I got confirmation all 4 of those gift cards were in my Swagbucks account and so I redeemed them and ordered this for myself off my wishlist! I am an Amazon Prime member so I got free shipping on top of my free item. 

In case you haven't ever heard of Swagbucks it is a search engine. It works exactly teh same way yahoo and google work. You type in your search and it pulls up a list of results. HOWEVER, everytime you search on swagbucks you get a chance to get paid! You can win 1 to 1,000 points. You need to accumulate 450 points to purchase a $5.00 gift card to Amazon. 

In addition ot the search bonus points you can win points by playing games on there (same as Yahoo games), taking quizzes or surveys, purchasing items through their offers, or trying trial offers through various websites. I rarely purchase anything through their site but I can rack up points just by searching, and I do occassionally play the games! I also go through their coupon link to print all my Coupons.com coupons since I get paid 10 points per coupon I use... wait that's getting paid to save money! AWESOME DEAL. 

Here is a list of 10 reasons to try Swagbucks Today: 

1. You already search the internet. Swagbucks is just rewarding you for doing it through them. 

2. You can earn free stuff! 

3. You don't have to enter any personal information other than your name, birthdate, and e-mail. 

4. No credit card is required. 

5. I find great new websites through their 'try us' lists they post. 

6. When I need a break and choose to play online games I know I am also getting paid! 

7. There is no commitment, contract, etc. It's just do it when you want to, stop using it if you don't like it. 

8. You can get paid for every coupon you print off and use! That's getting paid to save money!  

9. Get access to exclusive coupons, such as $5.00 off any $20.00 Groupon Purchase. 

10. No limit on how many gift cards you can earn in a year! You can earn enough to pay for holidays if you are consistant at using it. 

Go Here To Try Swagbucks Now! 

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